Alcohol to-go now permanent in state

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A new month and a wave of new laws have arrived, including allowing alcohol to-go permanently.

For some, to-go drinks have been the norm and a fairly significant part of their business plan since it was introduced last year, but for others the to-go trend has gone.

Island Wing Company owner Sam Osborne said the to-go orders have picked up again with summer. While he had concerns about people abusing it in the beginning, they haven’t had any issues of people drinking on the go.

He’s on board and said it’s here to stay.

WCTV also spoke with Justine Spells, co-owner of Railroad Square Craft House. The restaurant offered to-go drinks at the start of the pandemic but stopped after concerns over the law being misunderstood as one allowing “open container.

“In the past, a lot of people did assume that this was private streets,” said Spells. “They are city streets, although the property is privately-owned. So people had an assumption in their head. So it’s something that the property management and ownership has tried to get away from that mentality for a long time.”

Given the atmosphere of Railroad Square, Spells said to-go orders don’t make up a huge part of their sales, so it’s not a “make it or break it” offer.

The law does have a few caveats: orders have to come with food, the drinks also have to be closed and be placed out of reach of the driver.

The alcohol to-go law is just one of 162 taking effect Thursday.

Others include the Intellectual Freedom law for colleges and universities. Public schools are now required to begin with a moment of silence, a law banning transgender females from high school and college female sports teams and a law banning businesses and agencies from requiring COVID-19 vaccination certifications also start.

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