Eating Healthy in the New Year

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – Resolutions are a hallmark of the new year, and a common one many of us set is eating healthier. Taylor Leahy is a registered dietitian with Aramark at Baylor Scott and White Health Hospital and says there are some steps you can implement to help accomplish this resolution and eat smarter.

Before even putting things in your body, Leahy advises individuals to be mindful of the portions on their plate. She advises that plates should be set half nonstarchy veggies, quarter whole grains, and a quarter lean protein.

When it comes to eating, Leahy says it’s important to pay attention to the actual motion of eating and to be a mindful eater.

“When we’re sitting there watching TV or sitting there scrolling our phone on Facebook, we’re not really paying attention to our hunger cues,” said Leahy. “We’re not paying attention to the serving of food in front of us and suddenly we realize ‘oh, I ate the whole thing. You know what, am I still hungry, am I not?’ So trying to not be distracted and eating can really help. Just by focusing on your meal, sitting down, and enjoying and savoring it taking it slow, you will tend to overeat less if you do it that way.”

Mindfulness can also come in making sure you are not trying to do too much too quickly in regard to trying to accomplish your resolution. Leahy advises implementing too much in your system too quickly can cause some issues.

“Sometimes we restrict too much and then we overeat later on, so small portions of whatever you are doing helps you not overconsume later on,” Leahy says.

Furthermore, she also stresses the importance of listening to your body.

“We need to eat when we’re hungry. If you’re eating three meals a day like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it doesn’t fit you, that’s okay,” said Leahy. “Eat when you’re hungry.”

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