Gisele Bündchen’s Healthy Baked Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Gisele Bündchen shares some of her recipes!

Supermodel turned supermom, 41, took to Instagram recently with a couple of photos for her 18.1 million followers in which she shared a recipe for baked pumpkin seeds.

The Treats

Gisele Bundchen smiling.

The former Vitoria’s Secret angel took a selfie in her kitchen while dressed in a royal blue top. In the picture, she was holding up a tray full of pumpkin seeds and smiled at the camera. In another snap, Gisele was seen standing in front of the oven, holding her tray, while looking gorgeous as ever. The Brazilian businesswoman doesn’t look haggard at all while cooking and smiling at the photographer.

She also added photo slides of the recipe in both English and Portuguese, as well as its benefits.

The Benefits